Our Programs - What your donation will support


Education Programs: offer individualized instruction based on each person’s needs. Certified teachers offer a continuum of services from foundational literacy through to General Education Diploma (GED) preparation and testing to youth age 16-29.  An outreach worker provides supports and connections to help youth overcome non-academic barriers to success. 

Street Reach: is a barrier-free outreach service guided by the principles of harm reduction and community collaboration. Street Reach provides support to individuals of all ages.

Velocity : a mix of adventure pursuits, team building, and individualized support to assist youth aged 13–18 to build life skills, foster personal development, and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

Blue Door:  is a program designed to support individuals, primarily between 14-29, to exit sex trade activities and/or sexually exploitive situations including sex trafficking. The program is gender inclusive.

Youth Development: provides opportunities for youth to develop their skills and talents through leadership programs, employment skills training, & engagement in community life.

Coalition Against the Sexual Exploitation of Youth (CASEY):  is a coalition of community stakeholders working to address issues and establish services and supports relating to the sexual exploitation of youth.